Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking Dawn in 3D - what do you think?


Braking Dawn has been having issues lately regarding making it into 2 movies, but heres another issue about making it a 3D. Popwatch was able to gather pro and con ideas regarding Breaking Dawn in 3D:

Pro: For the studio, there’s the extra fee on the ticket, which is guaranteed to be a hot one for Twihards regardless of its decision. Also, the still rare 3D experience could lure in moviegoers who are on the fence.
Con: For the person who sees the Twilight films purely to keep current on pop culture, having to pay more will heighten any resentment he or she may feel if disappointed.

Pro: Fast-moving vampires and werewolves should look awesome in 3D. So should Bella and Edward getting busy…
Con: Shockingly, some Twilight fans don’t want to feel like they’re in the room (or water) for those intimate moments. In the eloquent words of Twitter users:

Pro: The visuals in the Twilight films have, frankly, always been stronger than the script. So let’s eye-candy it out.
Con: Some fans would prefer the focus be on story:

Hope you will also get some ideas and suggestions on how Breaking Dawn would be..