Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart on Breaking Dawn: "Still Not Concrete"

Breaking Dawn isn't officially a go yet. Neither is the plan to make two movies instead of one.

"I have been told to be ready for November," Kristen Stewart tells me. "I mean, it looks like a 'yes,' but it's still not concrete."

Stewart believes the story in the fourth book in the Twilight series "absolutely warrants" being two films. "It would be hard to cram all of it into one movie," she said earlier today while promoting her new drama The Yellow Handkerchief.

Things have certainly changed since Stewart and Rob Pattinson signed on for the first flick...

"We didn't even know we were going to make a second one," Stewart said. "We were just like, 'It's really cool. It's different and we've never seen a love story like this.'…I thought it would just be another cool Catherine Hardwicke movie."

And just because Stewart doesn't like her private life being examined and the overzealous paparazzi that come along with the fame that doesn't mean she resents—in any way!—the Twilight phenomenon. "But I can't say I don't want that, because people take it to the extreme and say that I hate it," she explains. "No, no, no! That's not true."

Eddie Redmayne, Stewart's Handkerchief costar who also happens to be one of Pattinson's old pals, admits it's been "surreal" watching his friends become two of the world's, well, most famous stars.

"When we were at Sundance with Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen was like, 'I'm going to go do this film with Rob Pattinson," Redmayne remembered. "I was like, 'I know Rob!' and Kristen said, 'What's he like?'"

In Handkerchief, Stewart and Redmayne play teenagers who befriend an ex-con (William Hurt) who is looking for his ex-wife (Maria Bello).

Stewart and Redmayne share a kiss in the flick. I ask Stewart if she really meant it when she told my pal Elizabeth Snead at Zap2it that Mr. Redmayne was a better kisser than Mr. Pattinson.

Redmayne tried answering for her. "A slightly off-the-beaten-path person against the most handsome vampire in the world?" Redmayne said. "I will take my hat off to Rob on that one—and his skin shines!"

"But his skin doesn't shine in the real world," Kristen quickly fired back. "You're in the real world."

And just because Stewart did her own singing playing Joan Jett in next month's The Runaways, don't expect her to be following in Pattinson's footsteps by recording a song for a Twilight soundtrack.

"I love being an actor," she explained. "I would totally play another person in a band, but Kristen is not going to be in a band."

Source: EOnline

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking Dawn in 3D - what do you think?


Braking Dawn has been having issues lately regarding making it into 2 movies, but heres another issue about making it a 3D. Popwatch was able to gather pro and con ideas regarding Breaking Dawn in 3D:

Pro: For the studio, there’s the extra fee on the ticket, which is guaranteed to be a hot one for Twihards regardless of its decision. Also, the still rare 3D experience could lure in moviegoers who are on the fence.
Con: For the person who sees the Twilight films purely to keep current on pop culture, having to pay more will heighten any resentment he or she may feel if disappointed.

Pro: Fast-moving vampires and werewolves should look awesome in 3D. So should Bella and Edward getting busy…
Con: Shockingly, some Twilight fans don’t want to feel like they’re in the room (or water) for those intimate moments. In the eloquent words of Twitter users:

Pro: The visuals in the Twilight films have, frankly, always been stronger than the script. So let’s eye-candy it out.
Con: Some fans would prefer the focus be on story:

Hope you will also get some ideas and suggestions on how Breaking Dawn would be..