Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marcus of Volturi talks Breaking Dawn

Earlier this week, Twilight Lexicon's interview with The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Christopher Heyerdahl was released, and he talked to them about his appreciation for being a part of the Twilight film series' Volturi guard.

Today, though, the second portion of the interview has been released - only furthering our grip on his understanding of the series and his character - and he's had a little to say about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

"When is [Marcus] going to speak up?" Heyerdahl says, "When is it necessary to speak up and say, 'Guys, you’re going too far. You’re wrong.' That’s the fun of when he speaks in New Moon and perhaps when he speaks in Breaking Dawn those will be the reasons why. He’s always just sanding off the hard edges of his eager compatriots that are sometimes…"

Of course, what Heyerdahl is referring to is the boredom that his character exhibits throughout the whole series . . . that is, until Breaking Dawn.

[*Warning: This portion of the post contains spoilers about Breaking Dawn.*]

At the end of Breaking Dawn, the Volturi has a decision to make: do the Cullens and Renesmee get to go on with their happy existences, or are they a threat to the vampire world at large (thusly needing to be eradicated)?

Of course, Marcus - one of the three votes on the matter - has to step in and side with the Cullens on the issue. So, clearly Christopher Heyerdahl is already readying his mind for what his character portrayal will entail with Breaking Dawn (which, of course - standard caveat - is an as-yet-unofficial film). Pretty exciting, huh?