Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lee Pace as Edwards BFF(Garrett) in Breaking Dawn?

Are you all familiar with Lee Pace?

Well, Twi-hards, it's time to learn and possibly fall in love because we're hearing Lee is thisclose to being cast as the newest vampire in the next installment of The Twilight Saga.

So what role would cutie Lee play?

Pace, perhaps best known from the before-its-time show Pushing Daisies, is up for the role of Garrett, a friend of Edward's (that would be Robert Pattinson, just in case you forgot).

The character is described in the script as a tall, nomadic vampire with sandy hair that he keeps tied back with a leather thong. Garrett is also penned as being down-to-earth, laid-back, rugged and having a lightness and element of humor about him.

"Lee is the top person in the running to play Garrett in Breaking Dawn," a source tells E! News.

As we all know, Bill Condon is directing both Breaking Dawn films, and according to our insider, is "hoping to take it in a more artsy direction."

Just as long as it's not a musical, eh?

Production on Dawn is slated to begin this fall, though no exact date has been announced. This up-in-the-air start could be affecting Kristen Stewart, but we'll get to that tomorrow.

Lee Pace's manager and publicist have not returned our request for comment, while Summit says no one has been cast yet for the role of Garrett.

Most recently L.P. could be seen in A Single Man and When in Rome.

So do you all approve of the possible new vamp on the block? You know the studio trolls the blogs to read your thoughts, so time to speak up—or type it out—before the offer goes out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Edward Cullen Daddy Role for Breaking Dawn

In “Breaking Dawn,” you become a father and Bella becomes a vampire bride. Do you have tips for Kristen on playing a vampire? Do you feel that you’re mature enough to play a dad?
It’s funny because I’m playing a dad in some scenes in “Breaking Dawn” and I’m portraying one in a movie I’m doing now as well. I’m terrified about doing it. I don’t know what I’m going to do when it comes to those scenes. I’ve been complaining so much about having the makeup on and contact lenses. Kristen is like, “You’re so pathetic. You have to just get over it. Why can’t you just get used to it?” [Now, since Kristen has to wear contact lens, too], I can finally be like, “You will know what it’s like. You’re going to be in constant aggravation the whole time.” Which is great.

check here for more on the interview

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kristen Stewart wont wear a wig for Breaking Dawn

Kristin Stewart in the live interview of Lopez Tonight Show reveals that she wont be wearing a wig for the Breaking Dawn Movie.

Her hair was cut to fit in appearance in the movie Runaways were she play as Joan Jet.

When George Lopez asked if the studio wanted her to do it, she said–

“Nooooo…they didn’t [want me to cut it]! They sort of freaking hate me for this, but they offered many ridiculous things not to do that.”

“I’m not going to have a wig in the next one–I’m just going to have my own hair”

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